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Seattle Seahawks

Ha Ha Clinton-Dixs Porsche got booted while he visited Alabamas football facility

Getting your car booted is something that I consider to be a part of life. Chances are, you wont forget the first time you see your car with one of those annoying yellow boots on it.

Simms said he wasnt done with broadcasting following the announcement that Romo would take his spot at CBS. And hes not done. Simms will fill the spot vacated by former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, who spent three seasons on The NFL Today.

Limited Womens Mitch Richmond Jersey Its not surprising that Simms will remain with CBS. Just last year, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus had high praise for both Simms and Jim Nantz.

I think Phil is vastly under-appreciated and part of that is the overreaction to social media, McManus said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. I would just suggest that if people listen to Jim and Phil with an open mind, I think they would recognize what a good job they are doing.

Limited Womens Russell Bodine Jersey And hopefully Simms new opportunity at CBS means well get many more moments like this one.

Simms spent 19 seasons as the top analyst at CBS, and 13 of those were spent in the booth with Nantz. Kevin King would be a solid addition in the first for Detroit, and he and Darius Slay would make a formidable cornerback tandem. Joe Mixon has first-round talent, but he was caught on video punching a woman in the face, and thats going to keep him off of plenty of teams draft boards, so he should be available for the Lions here. Tarell Basham is a talented defensive end who would be a smart pick in the third.

Seattle Seahawks

Miles Bridges return to Michigan State is a win for all of college basketball

For supporters and detractors of college basketball alike, the spring and summer months always serve as a hotbed for pointing out the problems with the sport and outlining some potential fixes.

One of the biggest recurring issues in these discussions is college basketballs lack of star power. Its a complication that no other major American sport has to deal with, at least not in the way that college hoops does.

But amid the circus show that was the Knicks 2016-17 season, team owner James Dolan appeared on The Michael Kay Show on Feb. 10 for a radio interview, where he said he would honor Jacksons contract all the way to the end.

Limited Womens Richard Dent Jersey The Knicks are 80-166 in Jacksons full three seasons at the helm, including a 17-65 record in 2014-15 that was the worst mark in team history.

Jacksons tenure has featured some good, more bad, and a lot of ugly.

Limited Womens Ray Lewis Jersey Jackson drafted Kristaps Porzingis No. 4 overall in 2015, but also selected Cleanthony Early in the second round of 2013 when Nikola Jokic, Jordan Clarkson, and Glenn Robinson III were still on the board. His first moves as president were trading J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a pair of conditional second-round picks. Even with so many people there for him, Tunsil is alone and confused. Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze is in Chicago. So is Tunsils mother. So is Sexton, the agent Tunsil and Freeze share. So are multiple employees of Sexton and Ole Miss and the Miami Dolphins, who just drafted Tunsil after he fell to the 13th spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL needs a new officiating czar. Mike Carey is the only person for the job.

Dean Blandino, the NFL’s senior vice president for officiating, is leaving the league to pursue a career in television. The league notified teams Friday morning with a memo.

Blandino’s been in charge of officiating and interpreting the rulebook since 2013. He’s been synonymous with replay in the NFL. His first major task as part of the officiating department was to oversee the implementation of instant replay in 1999.

Under his watch, the NFL moved to a centralized replay system — approved just last month to begin with the 2017 season — the culmination of a project that started in 2015 when refs began consulting with Blandino’s team in New York to expedite the replay process and, ideally, iron out its kinks.

Wall was hugely helped on Sunday by his finishers, namely Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris, who made his passes look great. But those passes were there over and over again, as Wall beat whomever was guarding him repeatedly. He set up a small business in the middle of the floor underneath the three-point line, where he could ship the ball to either side or down low with molecular precision.

In another season, if there weren’t historic MVP candidates who demanded our focus, we could have talked a lot more about Wall. He’s averaging career highs in points, assists, and field goal percentage, and his constant pushing of the ball and full-court blurring when he takes off makes Washington’s offense into a deadly transition attack all by himself. Here’s one.

Seattle Seahawks

Joe Vitt lands job with Dolphins under son-in-law Adam Gase

A long-time NFL assistant coach has found a new home. CSU ranked a healthy 24th in Special Teams S&P+ last year, but a lot of that had to do with Hayden Hunts punting leg; Hunt averaged 44.1 yards per kick last year and allowed returns of any sort on just 17 of 56 kicks. Hes gone.

Marc-Andre Fleury Youth Jersey Wyatt Bryans back, though. He took advantage of the thin air to go 8-for-9 on field goals under 40 and 3-for-5 over 40. His return should keep CSU in the top 50, and the ceiling is high depending on the punter.

Multiple sources tell Sporting News that Joe Vitt has joined the Miami Dolphins as a consultant.
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Vitt started work earlier this spring in a role focused on special projects with Miamis football research staff.

The father-in-law of Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, Vitt is well regarded league-wide as a defensive specialist. He has coached for seven different teams since he broke into the NFL with the Baltimore Colts in 1979.

Vitt, 62, also has served as interim head coach for St. Louis (2005) and New Orleans (2011 and 2012). He was forced to serve a six-game suspension during the 2012 campaign for his alleged role in the Saints’ Bountygate scandal.

As first reported by Sporting News, Saints head coach Sean Payton fired Vitt as assistant head coach/linebackers coach in January after 11 seasons in both roles. Vitts son Joey remains a Saints area scout.

Seattle Seahawks

The Buffs had one of the most active secondaries in the sport

“Learning defenses, being able to prepare for other teams, and really understanding the game and understanding what everybody else is doing, I think that separates me,” he said. “My instincts, my cerebral-ness as a football player.”

Awuzie wasn’t an unbeatable cover corner, but his strengths fit CU’s. Playing in the Pac-12 meant facing three- and four-wide spread offenses, and Awuzie’s ability to double as a cover man and a tackler was critical.

The Buffs had one of the most active secondaries in the sport, so Awuzie had to lurk near the line of scrimmage. He and his fellow DBs got pretty good there, closing on the ball quickly and blowing up safe-gainers.

The one limitation of Barrels is that the Statcast data it is built upon only exists back to 2015, so it does not yet give you much to use for examining multiyear trends. To work around that issue, I have created an alternative statistic using BIS data that we have collected since 2009. The BIS Barrels stat applies the same criteria to batted balls of at least a .500 batting average and 1.500 slugging percentage, but it groups similar balls based on distance and hang time rather than exit velocity and launch angle.
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Kids Frank Clark Jersey It’s that last column that’s the most important one when considering the future of the 2017 Blue Jays. Some of these teams improved tremendously. Most of the time, though, even a tremendous improvement wasn’t enough.

Consider the 2011 Red Sox. After their miserable start, they rallied like few teams in history, winning 27 out of their next 39 games to move into first place. They’ll be remembered more for the September collapse, but just getting into postseason consideration was a major accomplishment. After the slow start in their first dozen games, they played at a .587 clip, which is the equivalent of a 95-win team. That might have been their true talent level the whole time.

Seattle Seahawks

Golden State is fine, and they showed that Wednesday.

The loss will almost certainly keep San Antonio from the overall No. 1 seed, something that briefly appeared to be in reach after Golden State’s brief burnout and the Spurs walloping them in that now notorious rest game. But as quickly as the Spurs have drawn close, they’ve fallen back off — and this game was the death knell. With seven games remaining, Golden State has a two-game cushion, even if the Spurs are perfect. (If they’re not, the Warriors have even more flexibility.)

Who knows why it took so long for Golden State to heat up, but they did. It took more than four minutes for the Warriors to score, and at one point, they were 1-of-11 shooting the basketball for five turnovers. Well, the rest of the game, the Warriors shot 42-of-73 (58 percent).
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It wasn’t a peak Golden State performance, and that’s somewhat scary. Obviously, Kevin Durant remains out, with the latest news predicting a return during the team’s final three home games. Draymond Green was miserable, especially early on but barely improving after that. He finished with four points on four field goal attempts, with four assists stacked up against seven turnovers.

What a game last night. Two of the top teams in the NFL – the Pats and the Cats – hooked up for one of the best Monday Night Football games in a long time (though given the crappy schedule the League keeps handing ESPN, that’s not saying much). Heck, it was one of the best games of the season. And I say that even with the outcome and being a diehard Patriots fan.
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Too bad a bunch of fans and “experts” had to do their best to ruin the end of the game because of a single no-call that did not – despite their best whining – determine the outcome of the game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Smith is the perfect quarterback of the 2017 New York Jets for all the wrong reasons

Jenkins’ connection with this North Carolina team is well told at this point: he grew up playing basketball with UNC guard Nate Britt, and was adopted by his parents in 2007 when his biological mother was struggling to provide.

Jenkins was with the Britts on Monday, but this time he was wearing a North Carolina T-shirt. As the Tar Heels trailed by three at halftime, I asked Jenkins if being back at the national championship game gave him the itch to play.

“Nah, they got this,” he said. WWE’s flagship show, RAW, got filled with some of the top stars in the company. Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and eventually the current Universal Champion, Bill Goldberg. The women’s division is strong, with Charlotte Flair and Sasha banks anchoring the division from day one, with Nia Jax getting drafted from NXT and current WWE RAW Women’s Champion Bayley joining the show not long after the draft. Talents like Samoa Joe have shown up since then, and injured star Finn Balor will soon be returning to action eager to reclaim the Universal Championship that was first held by him.

Jenkins watched the confetti, Carolina blue and white, rain down from the University of Phoenix Stadium ceiling as he tried to mouth a message to his brother. He had seen Nate Britt come full circle, from a devastating loss in the title game because of his shot to a national championship one year later. He started to get emotional just thinking about it.

Smith is the perfect quarterback of the 2017 New York Jets for all the wrong reasons, but mostly because he is incredibly inconsistent. Just as New York has alternated wins and losses, Geno is alternating turnovers.

Seattle Seahawks

Jay Bilas and Johnny Manziel are mad about the NCAA profiting off UNC’s players

Marshawn Lynch Womens Jersey The Tar Heels won the national championship, and the NCAA didn’t waste any time promoting their gear.

You tell em, Johnny! Athletes should be able to profit off their own likeness, just like you do, selling your selfies for $50 a snap in Texas malls and at the Super Bowl.

Justin Faulk Mens Jersey Not to mention the time in college Texas A&M suspended Manziel for half a game for allegedly selling his autographs while still a student-athlete, which violates NCAA bylaw, though it was never proven.

I guess he can make enough money off his name now, even if the NCAA athletes still can’t.

So it’d have to be for the right team with the right situation. He doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring, so it’d have to be a contender calling, and even that might not be enough. “To have a tournament be decided like that, with all the scenarios going around, as far as viewers calling in, as far as it being a one-foot putt with really no advantage, just a little bit of loose marking, if you will, something that happens all the time, intentionally and unintentionally,” he said. “I think it should be reversed. I think that she should be given the trophy.”

If Prescott ever went down, it would be a disaster for Dallas. But you better believe Jerry Jones would be quick to try to pull Romo back into the fold and see if he could send out the quarterback on top. Even when the Cowboys were bulldozing through competition with a seemingly infallible rookie quarterback, Jones was dreaming of confetti falling on Romo’s head at Super Bowl 51.