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Philadelphia sports teams experienced the saddest 8 minutes in recent memory

Being a Philadelphia sports fan is a singular experience that brings together disappointment, despair, and desperation. Fans got all three on Sunday afternoon, in the span of eight minutes.

The only highlights the Colts saw on Sunday came when Jacoby Brissett entered the game. Brissett didn’t get much action with the game out of hand and in the fourth quarter, but the offense never looked more alive. He completed a 50-yard pass, a drive that was capped off by a Marlon Mack Tom Waddle Womens Jersey touchdown. Brissett finished the afternoon 2-of-3 for 51 yards.

What does this mean for Brissett? He’s getting his first real chance to be an NFL starter. Brissett was drafted by the Patriots in the third round of the 2016 draft, but of course behind Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo, there was never a real chance at starting.

Now in Indianapolis, with Andrew Luck’s return unknown and Walter Payton Jersey Tolzien’s horrendous Week 1, Brissett’s got a chance to go out against the Cardinals and let it rip. Brissett’s had two career starts, both with the Patriots when Brady was suspended and Garoppolo had an injury. He won the first start against the Texans 27-0, before the Patriots were shut out the following week by the Bills 16-0.

Sunday, Brissett won’t be working with the weapons or coach he had in New England, but it’s an opportunity.

What does this mean for the Colts? They know that they have nothing to lose. Brissett had one of a handful of good plays for the offense on very little time. Tolzien’s performance was one of the lowest points for the Colts in the past 15 years or so. There’s no point in not seeing what Brissett can do with the reins and go from there.

Where is Andrew Luck and when is he coming back? Luck is still nine months into rehab for his shoulder, which he had surgically repaired. According to the Indianapolis Star, Luck is still going to need multiple weeks of practice before he can play.

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