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Panthers’ Michael Oher booked for alleged assault of Uber driver

Pegula: No, absolutely not. No. Nope. Nope. And, trust me, you know, Doug’s a good communicator. He’s going to land somewhere and he’s very personable.

You talked about the future and you want to emphasize the future. In the future, why should people feel confident that you’re getting things right now? What should give people confidence?

Pegula: Well, first off, I own the team and they have to believe in us as owners, just like we have to try to believe in our players when we put them on the field. We’re going to try to make the best decision we can in the future and we’ve made big decisions all our lives.

Terry, what are the certain aspects that you alluded to that you believe that you need to get better at in the future within the general manager position?

Pegula: I need to keep that private. I don’t want to discuss that publicly.

When it came to the Sabres, you talked about structure and discipline and character. Could you say the same thing about things that are lacking in this organization and what you think might have been lacking here?

Michael Oher has been booked and released from a Nashville jail on a misdemeanor assault charge, The Tennessean reported Tuesday.

The Panthers offensive lineman, whose life story was depicted in the book and Oscar-winning movie “The Blind Side,” was accused of knocking an Uber driver to the ground last month.

According to Nashville police, the driver and Oher got into an argument about the Uber fare, and Oher pushed and kicked the man after the driver put his hand in Oher’s face.

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