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Russell Westbrook didn’t need a good reason to crush the Rockets’ spirit

With seven seconds left in the Thunder vs. Rockets game, Russell Westbrook decided that he wasn’t going to leave the arena without making sure Clint Capela regretted choosing basketball as a profession. I don’t know what Stephen Curry Authentic Womens Jersey Capela ever did to him. Maybe they have beef from the past?

Because this is the type of dunk you reserve for someone you would throw bottles at in the club.

The best thing about that dunk is that it’s totally unnecessary. Westbrook could have just held the ball. His team was up by three points with seven seconds left. All he had to do was get the pass, take the foul, make the free throws, and run the game out. But this is the child that’s always up to something. There was no way this game was ending without him converting some poor defender to nihilism by force.

Everybody just kind of stood around like nobody knew what had happened.

At that juncture of his career, Theismann was still a decent football player and an icon Tim Hardaway Authentic Womens Jersey in Washington. Of course, I’d been playing against him for years. And during our time, we spent a lot of time together and we’d see each other a lot. Just like anybody else, you hate to see somebody sit there and suffer. So I wanted to get some help out there for the sumbitch.

Popovich said he received about 100 emails after he first spoke out against Trump last week. Most of them were positive, but a few angry ones promised to never spend money on the Spurs again.

Popovich spoke out against Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, who is Wilt Chamberlain Authentic Womens Jersey an outspoken white nationalist who has publicly expressed racist views in the past.

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